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Tara's Testimonials

Getting a facial from Tara was one of the most relaxing, enjoyable experiences I've ever had. After I filled out a form about my preferences, Tara realized I don't like honey as part of my facials, so she opted for a coffee scrub as part of the facial, and it was fabulous. Tara is gentle, intuitive, friendly, attentive, and she has a calm, relaxing touch. As hard as I tried to stay awake to enjoy the whole thing, I know at some point I fell asleep because I was so relaxed and at peace. I needed it after a stressful week! I cannot recommend Tara highly enough. She is the perfect choice if you want a perfect facial.
Andi Box

Great! I only get a massage every 12-18 months, but this was one of the best. It was my first Hot Rocks, but will not be the last. Tara was very attentive to me and provided a very relaxing environment. She is new to the family business, but gave a great massage as though she has been doing it for years. I highly recommend The Healing Arts Day Spa and Tara.

On Saturday I had a luxurious and most relaxing Organic Spa Facial by Tara. She has a genuine and soothing touch. In addition, the massage on my arms, legs, and feet was wonderful. I'm looking forward to another "time-out" organic spa facial with Tara.
Diana C.

I had a hot stone session with Tara @ The Healing Arts Day Spa which took me from stress level of 10 to stress level of 1! The moment I stepped foot through the front door I was kindly greeted by Tara who offered me a bottle of water and escorted me to my room. Right from the beginning the heated stones were just the perfect temperature and the pressure was even and consistent. I came in feeling bound up, almost unable to move my hips and neck. By the time I turned-over it felt as though I could feel my whole body again. During the second half of the session I went into a deep trance, almost about to fall asleep. The work was rhythmic and I felt complete stokes with heavy pressure that was unvaried. By the end of the session I was almost stuck in comfort. I would definitely recommend Tara to anyone who needs relief from high stress and anxiety.
Drew Harden

Tara was amazing. Her technique is something you would expect from someone with years of experience. The blend of oils, her mastery of hot rocks, and soothing touch make for a massage you cannot afford to miss. I encourage you to sign up with her as soon as possible.
Tim Montgomery

Feeling amazing!! Tara is excellent at the Facial and Hands and Feet Reflexology. Will recommend to all my friends! Thank you Tara!
Linda Johnson

Tara gives an amazing facial! She has a caring gentle aura which adds to the serenity of the experience. Her combinations of aromas and textures were a bonus, and to top it off, my skin looks amazing now!
Sue Murphy

I cannot remember the last time I was so completely relaxed! She not only cleansed my face throughly but massaged and drained my lymph nodes. I can say I went to Heaven and back! While my mask set, the massage on my hands and feet was, well, just phenomenal. Thank you Tara!
Dana Hidalgo

Thank you for the Heavenly Facial Treatment including hands, feet, and chest. The touch was soothing, light, yet firm and my skin feels refreshed and glowing. The product had a delightful scent and herbal fragrance. Please accept my recommendation for a wonderful and relaxing Treatment.
Kay Jones

So let me first say that I never fall asleep during a facial, but I did. Tara was so gentle and her techniques was so relaxing. She was so professional and when I spoke, Tara spoke and when I was quiet, she was as well. I will definitely come back, so glad she is part of the team. Good luck in your budding career. See you again.
Janet Duvall

Last weekend I enjoyed receiving a facial from you, which included some attention to my hands and feet. I left feeling so refreshed and relaxed, and my skin feeling marvelous. The room was calming, the products used were cleansing and refreshing. I particularly liked the scented honey product. Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Holly C.

You haven't had a Facial until you've had one from Tara! She gives you a 100% hands on Facial for the entire appointment! She redefines a Facial by using Hot Rocks and Reflexology on the arms, legs, and back while the mask is on. You leave Tara's "office" feeling totally relaxed and ready to face life's challenges again! My advice, book a 90-minute Facial.....because 60 minutes of bliss just isn't enough.
Desiree Brown

Very relaxing and much more then I expected. I've been receiving Massages for several years but this was my first Facial. So worth it!

I was delighted to receive a facial by Terrell Lynn's daughter, Tara. She has a very smooth touch and transitions her treatment process very smoothly. I did mention to Tara that I really enjoyed the scalp massage and, for me, I'd like to have a little more time for that. I know some people prefer to not do that so my suggestion would be to ask the Client ahead of time if s/he would like the scalp massage. I'm looking forward to additional Jurlique facials. Thank you.
Dian Codova

I received a Gift Certificate so I had no idea what to expect. Everyone was very kind and professional and I felt happy and completely relaxed. I will definitely be back.

I decided to book a Gentleman's Organic Facial because I've been having trouble with allergies and sinus congestion. I had the pleasure of having Tara as my Esthetician. She's very professional and created a sublimely relaxing atmosphere. The humidified air, as well as her facial massage technique, had me breathing much more easily. I left feeling refreshed and I'll undoubtedly schedule an organic facial with Tara Joselyn in the future.

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