As you can see, our referral rewards quickly add up! I’ve shared less than 2 dozen of our New Client referral post cards and already I’ve received 5 referrals for a total of $60 Credit! We’d like to receive your input so we can determine what’s best for redeeming credits.

Russell Kukla's RewardsOur #1 Goal Since 1998 has been to creatively, firmly, and constantly encourage you to receive 1 Massage Per Month so we are excited about the benefits our new referral program!

A. For setting up your referral account + your 1st New Client referral you’ll receive $20 credit
B. For each additional New Client referral you’ll receive $10 credit for 1 appointment; Or: we could change to 2 additional New Client referrals you’ll receive $20 credit for 1 appointment.

Which do you prefer? Please email your preference to

Soon we will have 4X6 postcards for you to write on the back-side your Standard URL.
Let me know if you’d like help to set up Custom URL like
For additional details
To search for your very own unique and Custom URL please visit
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to receive my help.

― Warm Regards, Russell Warren