Did that Subject grab your attention? We hope so because incredibly that’s $20 off The Healing Arts Day Spa’s Same Prices Since 1998! And, it’s incredibly fast and easy to get started. MakeReferrals-GetRewarded.com

We are extremely excited about our new Current Client Referal program for New Client Referrals because it’s high tech, which means we, you and I, do not need to worry about missing out on a monetary credit that’s due. And isn’t that the greatest thing, to know we will be rewarded for investing time and effort to help another to rest, relax, and receive therapeutic treatments and services?

At least that’s our firm belief. We hope you choose to participate so we can see for ourselves if this is one of the very best ways for us to create together a higher level of health.

Current Client Referral X2

What might be the best way to take advantage of this fantastic offer for yourself and those you refer? How about a business card which includes a unique and directed ULR for your New Client Referrals?!

New Client Back

If you wish, I will help you create a custom URL similar to my www.1OOffAnyTreatment.com

Over 4 years ago I purchased a business card holder designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

And ever since, I’ve been locked-and-loaded, able to easily and quickly share with new people I meet what’s most important to me as I plant seeds and hope to be able to serve others in 3 very specific ways.

Currently, I carry with me 3 sets of 3 business cards for TheHealingArtsDaySpa.com PrimeResultsRealEstate.com and CreateK12Change.org.

Next week our New Client Custom Referral Business Cards will arrive so now I’m wondering if I’ll be able to squeeze 4 sets of 3 business cards which would be fantastic because I truly believe this is an offer most people on Planet Earth will be excited about receiving because many are truly in need of touch, therapeutic massage, relief from their daily, weekly, monthly, yearly personal and professional grind. :~)

As always, our goal is to create a path of least resistance way to help you, our Current Client, and our New Clients to achieve a higher level of health that’s most affordable.

– Warm Regards, Russell Warren

New Client Front