At 3:00 PM on October 24th I went under a doctor’s knife for the removal of skin cancer. This was my fourth bout with basal cell carcinoma and I had one round with melanoma. The sound of my skin being snipped and taken from my body is quite upsetting; yet: since my first skin surgery I’ve not made any real changes to my diet.

There are those who believe diet has no affect as it pertains to skin cancer. I disagree and my goal is to prove that a change in diet reduces and, hopefully eliminates bouts with skin cancer.

Like many people in America today, I have a relativity healthy diet yet it’s obvious I must achieve a higher level of physical health. I’m determined to do so and I’m also determined to encourage others to join me on this life long adventure.

So, what’s the best way (method) for me to spoon feed (force feed) myself and others information about how best to achieve a higher level of health as taught by a specific expert, author, Doctor of nutrition?

Thankfully, over the past 3 months I’ve mastered both group text messaging and blogging so my goal is to combine these two incredible technologies into a daily out reach for myself and for those who choose to subscribe for only 10 cents per day, $3 per month.

As an example, this will be the first 160 character group text message:

The group text message will link to this blog with additional information:

Starting November 15th, 2016

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