We’re very excited about our Current Client Referral Rewards primarily because once you’ve signed up it’s completely automated to track your New Client Referrals so you’ll receive proper credit for your 1st New Client Referral Reward $20! Each Additional Referral $10!

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered a “glitch” in the sign up process and so far I’ve not been able to convince our provider to fix so here are specifics so you can quickly and easily get started to earn referral credits. Question, suggestion, or recommendation email Russell

#1: View picture image below which shows Log-In, Password Reset, or Sign-Up
#2: Open New Browser Click Here!  
#3: In New Browser Choose: Please Log In
#4: Use same Email and Password when scheduling @ TheHealingArtsDaySpa
A) Know your Email but not your Password? Choose:
Forgot your password?
B) Do not know your Email? Email: Russell@TheHealingArtsDaySpa.com
#5: Once Logged In You Should See Your Own Referral Dashboard
#6: Enter Up to 25 Emails! 
#7: Copy, Save, and Share Your Referral Link!get-rewarded-for-your-referrals-2#8: Schedule your next appointment @ TheHealingArtsDaySpa.com
#9: Afterwards pick up 5 Referral Business Cards and 5 Referral Post Cards
10-off-any-treatment#10: Write Your Standard Referral Link On Back of Business Cards and Post Cards
#11. Hand-Out Business Cards and Post Cards to Family, Friends, and Strangers!New Client Referral Front

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